Inside the Mind of America's Favorite TradersDemystifying Wall Street:
Inside the Mind of America's Favorite Traders

Magnum Opus Financial Founder and President Brad Kelly takes you behind the jargon for a look at the reality and the people at the heart of Wall Street with our exclusive podcast series.

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Episode 7: Stephen Weiss

Stephen WeissStephen L. Weiss is a CNBC "Fast Money" contributor and author of "The Billion Dollar Mistake." Stephen talks with Brad Kelly about growing up in an apartment building that felt a whole lot like the Playboy mansion and why you still can't own banks -- even down at these levels.


Episode 6: Patty Edwards

Patty EdwardsPatty Edwards is CIO (Chief Investment Officer) at Trutina Financial Partners and a CNBC "Fast Money" contributor. Patty speaks with Brad Kelly about why she wasn't cut out to be a Disney princess, what she has to do every Friday night and what sector you can own in this hideous market.


Episode 5: Pete Najarian

Pete NajarianPete Najarian is a former NFL player, optionMonster co-founder and CNBC "Fast Money" contributor. Pete speaks with Brad Kelly about why he'll take Randy Moss over Chad Ochocinco, how he narrowly avoided becoming a professional wrestler and what options trade he does more than any other.


Episode 4: Zachary Karabell

Zachary KarabellZachary Karabell is President of River Twice Research. He talks with Brad Kelly about his two most recent books, "Superfusion" and "Sustainable Excellence", whether you can invest in any Chinese stock, and how on earth Zachary wrote 11 books.


Episode 3: Dan Fitzpatrick

Dan FitzpatrickDan Fitzpatrick is the publisher of The Stock Market Mentor and writes daily for Dan tells Brad Kelly why a chart pattern that looks like a slide is a bad idea and why RSI might be completely irrelevant.


Episode 2: James Altucher

James AltucherJames Altucher is a hedge fund manager (Formula Capital), frequent CNBC contributor and author of "The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse". James talks to Brad Kelly about fear, greed and where the heck Greece went to.


Episode 1: Jared Levy

Jared LevyJared Levy is an editor and analyst at The Taipan Publishing Group and a regular contributor on CNBC's "Fast Money". His first book, "Your Options Handbook", will be released on March 11. Returning to kick off season two of our show, Jared speaks with Brad Kelly about why a car is a perfect metaphor for trading and much more.


Episode 8: Jon Najarian

Jon NajarianJon 'DRJ' Najarian is a professional investor, noted media analyst and speaker, and cofounder of optionMONSTER and tradeMONSTER. Jon tells us why he used to be called "Elvis" by Walter Payton and how he got talked out of being a stockbroker. Plus, we break out the options dictionary and ask Jon about some of the most frequently used terms today.

Episode 7: Steve Grasso

Steve GrassoSteve Grasso is Managing Floor Director of Institutional Sales for Stuart Frankel & Co. and a panelist on CNBC's "Fast Money." Steve talks about how getting lunch for the guys on the floor is the way to succeed, how Washington doesn't understand that every working American owns stock, and what it's like to trade a million shares of stock at a time.

Episode 6: Guy Adami

Guy AdamiGuy Adami is Managing Director of Drakon Capital, author of the “Advantage Point” newsletter at and one of the ‘Fast Money Five’ on CNBC’s “Fast Money.” Guy reveals why he shaves just twice a week, what he would do for a living if money wasn't an issue and why he would never, ever own gold.

Episode 5: Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony ScaramucciAnthony Scaramucci, Founder and Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital, LLC, and author of "Goodbye Gordon Gekko: How to Find Your Fortune and Not Lose Your Soul," talks about how not to get fired, college basketball and why it's okay to drive a Porsche, so long as it has more than two seats.

Episode 4: Brian Kelly

Brian KellyBrian Kelly, Founder and CEO of Kanundrum, Inc., and a frequent guest on CNBC, talks about how he went to school for only two days and spent the rest of the time skiing, how cold calling convinced him to get his MBA, plus risk management and more.

Episode 3: Patty Edwards

Patty EdwardsPatty Edwards, Founder of Storehouse Partners, LLC, and a frequent contributor on CNBC, talks about online chatting, marriage, how to break into the Wall Street world, retail and more.


Episode 2: Jared Levy

Jared LevyJared Levy, a Senior Derivatives Specialist at Peak6 Investments and a regular guest on and CNBC, talks motorcycles, living in Philadelphia, investment options and more.


Episode 1: James Altucher

James AltucherJames Altucher, President and Founder of Stockpickr, LLC, and a weekly columnist for the Financial Times, talks about who you meet on the streets of New York City at 4 a.m., hedge funds and insurance companies, plus kids, chess and more.


Meet the Host: Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly, hostBrad Kelly is Founder and President of Magnum Opus Financial, a role that takes him across the country.

He travels far and wide to meet with the brightest minds in the investment industry so that he can bring you the best insight and analysis into investments and wealth management.

When catching his breath between whirlwind journeys to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, Brad calls Winston-Salem, N.C., home.

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